The Best Elementary Schools in the Toronto District School Board

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The Best Elementary Schools in the Toronto District School Board

Every parent wants the best for their child, especially when it comes to their education. For this reason, when it comes time to buying a new home, most parents look at what is available within the district boundaries of the best elementary schools. But which elementary schools are the best? Below is a comparison chart for the top five ranking elementary schools within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), according to the most recent Fraser Reports (2011-2012).

*Tied for first place.
**The average level achieved on EQAO tests, scored out of 4. Level 3 is considered the provincial standard and 4 is above the expected level.

Let’s take a closer look at each school:

Hillmount Public School

Rating: 10.0                                                        Grades: JK-6

Neighbourhood: Don Valley Village         Average Home Price: $488,455

Hillmount is a small school of 300 students that offers both regular and special education classes, including Junior Gifted and Learning Disabilities programs. Hillmount has been a top-ranking school for many years, and has achieved a consistent 10.0 rating for the past three years. The school scores exceptionally well in all categories, especially in EQAO testing, where more than 99% of students scored above standard. In addition, Hillmount integrates various music, drama, dance and visual arts programs into its curriculum, which successfully caters to various learning styles and interests.

Kennedy Public School

Rating: 10.0                                                                        Grades: JK-8

Neighbourhood: L’Amoreaux                     Average Home Price: $385,131

Kennedy is home to approximately 550 students, many of whom are part of its strong English as a Second Language (ESL) program. The school takes education to the next level, putting emphasis on literacy, numeracy and technologically-enriched learning; this is proven by Kennedy’s high grade 6 average EQAO levels. What makes this school stand out is its focus on character building, through involvement in eco-projects, community fundraising and various social justice initiatives.

Seneca Hill Public School

Rating: 10.0                                                        Grades: JK-6

Neighbourhood: Don Valley Village         Average Home Price: $488,455

Seneca Hill is a dual program school, with a regular program and a gifted program. The school won the Fraser Institute’s Award for Top School in Ontario for Mathematics last year, so it is no surprise that it achieves excellent scores in both grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO math testing. Seneca Hill has made consistent improvement over the years, and shows a balance in its variety of arts, mentoring and athletic programs.

Arbor Glen Public School

Rating: 10.0                                                        Grades: JK-6

Neighbourhood: Don Valley Village         Average Home Price: $488,455

Arbor Glen is a multicultural school, where English is the second language to more than 70% of the students. Its high academic standards are shown through their exceptional EQAO levels and their direct focus on literacy, numeracy, science and technology. Over the past few years, Arbor Glen has improved its Fraser rankings to become one of the top schools within the TDSB.

Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School

Rating: 10.0                                                        Grades: JK-8

Neighbourhood: Deer Park                         Average Home Price: $761,323

Deer Park is the only school ranking in the top five elementary schools that has a swimming pool for its swim program – one part of the physical education program. The pool is only one of the many interesting features that Deer Park offers, along with full access facilities and an Intensive Support Program that caters to students of multiple physical exceptionalities. While success in all academic categories is obvious, Deer Park has had some fluctuations in past ratings, however they have demonstrated improvements in all categories within the last two years.

Find a Home Close to the Best Elementary Schools in Toronto

The top five elementary schools in the Toronto District School Board are all popular choices for parents who want the best education for their children. As a result, homes that are for sale within these school districts are in very high demand. It is important to consider both the school and the neighbourhood when you begin your home search. The Deer Park neighbourhood is very expensive, but close to downtown and on the Yonge-University subway line. The Don Valley Village neighbourhood on the other hand is an affordable alternative, home to three of the five top schools, and close to the 401 highway and the Don Valley Parkway.

Contact us now to sign up for home listings within these school boundaries.

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